I started out as a Santa with an off the shelf suit and had the dream of owning a suit in the style of David Huddlestons from Santa Claus The Movie and after a few attempts from seamstresses I did not get the suit as I wanted it, So i thought I would learn to sew and attempt to make my own suit.
I found I had a natural flair for making Santa suits and 4 years on I have produced Suits for Santa's in the UK and Canada. I am self taught and have learned to do Coca Cola style also, I find myself with so many ideas in my head and would like to learn other styles.



Miracle/Cola Suit.      Movie Suit.

(Jacket Trousers and Free Hat)                          (Robe (Sleeveless), Jacket, Trousers and Free Hat)

Simulated Wool   £500                                Simulated Wool             £1100

High Velvet          £600                                High Velvet                     £1300

Wool (cashmere Mix)       £600                               Wool (cashmere Mix)                         £1300

Robe.   (Free Hat)           Combinations Can be made     

Simulated Wool   £600                     Other styles can be looked at.

High Velvet           £700                               

Wool (cashmere Mix)        £700                             



Trousers                                                        Hat                                          Jacket (Movie/Cola/Miracle Style)                   

Sim Wool            £150                                 Sim Wool             £60          Sim Wool        £350       

High Velvet         £200                                High Velvet          £80          High Velvet     £400

Wool (cashmere)      £200                            Wool (cashmere)       £80        Wool (cashmere)  £400

High Velvet is what I supply however if you require a different velvet prices will differ and will be reflected in quote and deposit will be in accordance. Samples Can be Supplied.

Santa Steve.jpg
Please note prices quoted are with white/Black tipped fur and can change depending on fur required.
Prices are not inclusive of P&P this its to be calculated on completion of the order.
A NONE REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required to cover Fabric in the event of cancellations